A workspace concept for city of Dietikon

Dietikon’s administrative office faces the task of assessing its own workspace-planning needs in the context of the city’s new Real-Estate Strategy 2040 and its general efforts to achieve its legisla-tive goals. We helped the administration to draft a portfolio strategy that accounts for its workspace needs and is also suitable for use in the larger context of planning for the “Town Hall II” project. The aim here was to accommodate the needs of the various city de-partments in a common workspace concept.

Our services

  • Preliminary project assessment / current-state analysis
  • Interviews with staff members to clarify workspace needs
  • Development of a vision and drafting of a spatial-operational workspace concept (target needs)
  • Drafting space-allocation and area-calculation standard
  • Organization of workshops with the developer and users
  • Compilation of results in a report, and submission of report to the City Council
  • Drafting of an employee scenario and assessment of work-space development
  • Assessment of potential construction sites

Picture: Workspace Concept Multispace. Picture Credits: © EBP

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