We use our creativity and experience to develop well-calibrated load-bearing solutions for buildings of all kinds. Our engineering competence takes account of the architectural, economic and ecological aspects of building projects.

Working together with architects and other design and engineering specialists, we make use of traditional and novel materials to develop solutions that unify innovative technologies and aesthetic quality in the form of optimal structures. From the project design stage to the project construction stage, we strive to achieve economically, environmentally and socially sustainable solutions.

As we set about the task of developing our plans, we conceive of the load bearing structure, the foundation and the excavation pit as a single unit. While promoting an intensive exchange of technical information between the members of our interdisciplinary teams of engineers and other specialists, we identify synergies for the benefit of our Clients.

The field of structural engineering is increasingly concerned with the conversion and renovation of existing buildings to enable new functions and uses. The goal is to achieve the sustainable development of existing structures. We see to reach this goal by making optimal use of existing structures and identifying existing load-bearing capacities.

As a consulting and engineering firm, we support our clients from the idea to its successful realization. Our range of services extends from the strategic planning and design of new buildings to the detailed analysis, conversion and expansion of existing structures.