Planning load-bearing structures for retirement home and housing complex in Eichrain

The city of Zurich has begun construction on a building complex in the district of Seebach that will include a new retirement home for 122 residents together with two primarily residential buildings offering 125 apartments and a kindergarten. EBP was commissioned to plan the load-bearing structures, all service-access structures and the common construction pit and foundation.

The project centers on the construction of three buildings joined to one another by an underground garage. The long residential building on Birchstrasse and the second residential building on Glatttalstrasse will offer a degree of noise protection for the retirement home located towards the center of the site. Together, the two residential buildings will include more than 125 apartments, and the retirement home will provide space for 122 senior citizens.

Steel frameworks enable column-free multipurpose hall

All three buildings feature solid-construction designs with flat slabs, prefab columns and walls of brick and reinforced concrete. To span the retirement home’s multipurpose hall without the use of columns, we developed a solution based on multistory steel frameworks for the stories above the hall.

Given that the basement level with its underground garage is located under water, tension piles will be used in all uncovered sections for uplift prevention.

Meeting Minergie-P-ECO and 2000-Watt standards

The new buildings conform to the Minergie-P-ECO standard for energy use during construction and operation, as well as the goals of the 2000‑Watt Society. Moreover, the project meets the specifications outlined in the cantonal housing subsidies ordinance.

Picture Credits: Vukoja Goldinger Architekten GmbH

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