Contaminated sites and remediation

4,000 sites in Switzerland are contaminated to such an extent that they constitute a threat to the environment and are thus classified as contaminated sites mandatory to be cleaned up. Tens of thousands of additional sites are polluted with waste. Sooner or later, these areas must be addressed as they pose a problem for the environment or whenever a construction project is planned. Contaminants in buildings, such as asbestos can also be problematic for the use of the rooms or during the renovation or demolition of the buildings.

We help you assess the situation, conduct investigations, create the necessary concepts to remove or contain the  contamination, ensuring a legally correct situation

Our competencies include:

  • General assessment of areas and buildings
  • Phase 1 and 2 assessments
  • Design of remediation and containment projects
  • Construction supervision and disposal logistics
  • External monitoring of remediation services
  • Reviews of expert opinions as well as legal support

We are also happy to assume responsibility for general planning for handing over contaminated land in a construction-ready state.