While electric mobility is developing rapidly and its market share is steadily increasing, this rapid development also brings challenges that require immediate action. We develop and elaborate scenarios which can support decision-making processes, thereby helping our customers to exploit the opportunities of electric mobility, while mastering the challenges.


With many years of experience in research, planning, and consulting, we are a leader in the field of energy-efficient transportation and electric mobility. The  information we gather and the reliable plans we develop reflect the ways in which electric mobility can play an essential role in a sustainable transportation system while at the same time helping our clients to benefit from sound and timely decision-making. Our scenarios pertaining to the development of mobility and charging demands are used as a strategic basis by federal, cantonal and municipal agencies, as well as by energy suppliers, charging station operators and the real estate industry.

Our services in the area of electric mobility include:

  • Analyzing the opportunities and challenges of electric mobility to develop a suitable strategy, one that is differentiated locally
  • Developing scenarios for the spatially differentiated determination of the demand for charging infrastructure by 2050
  • Estimating electricity demand and the number of charging points required
  • Planning the decarbonization of public transport, such as electric buses
  • Creating recommendations for action for authorities, energy suppliers, building owners, property owners, charging station operators and the automotive industry
  • Defining the role of municipalities and cities in the development of the charging network
  • Identifying and specifying investment, business and operation strategies
  • Developing a roadmap for the decarbonization of vehicle fleets
  • Proposing a selection of possible ideally located charging locations to assess and plan the charging infrastructure
  • Accompanying tenders for vehicles and charging infrastructure

We are strictly neutral and not beholden to the state, any vehicle manufacturer or charging technology manufacturer, nor any billing system operator.

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