Electromobility for Cities and Towns

Cities and towns play a major role when it comes to reducing emissions from transportation. They can make targeted use of their competence as planners in the development of a needs-based charging infrastructure, as well as leveraging their role model position as property owners, employers and procurers. For many cities and townships, we already determined the specific charging infrastructure needs and devised various development scenarios as well as city-specific realization concepts. Our work enables cities and towns to better prepare for an energy transition.

Our services

  • Developing an electromobility strategy
  • Defining the role of municipalities when it comes to developing charging networks
  • Determining the future demand for charging infrastructure
  • Planning the decarbonization of municipal fleets
  • Selecting appropriate locations for publicly-accessible charging stations; investment planning
  • Dimensioning of charging infrastructure at municipal properties
  • Providing support for vehicle procurement and the concessioning of charging infrastructure
Die verschiedenen Ladebedürfnisse der Elektrofahrzeughalterinnen und -halter
The various charging needs of electric-vehicle owners

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