Electromobility Feasibility Study for Wallisellen

For the Swiss municipality of Wallisellen, we determined and evaluated the utilization of the existing publicly accessible charging infrastructure. We also modeled the spatial distribution of future spatially differentiated charging demand and formulated the need for long-term action about publicly accessible charging infrastructure. The project was rounded off by the development of an operator model. The municipality now has a good starting point for planning its commitment to electromobility.

Our services

  • Determining and evaluating the utilization of charging points based on historical data provided by operators and publicly available data on the use of charging points
  • Forecasting the development of electromobility in Wallisellen based on EBP scenarios with vehicle population and charging point demand
  • Estimating the spatial distribution of demand for charging points at the neighborhood level, at relevant destinations, and for rapid-charging stations; assessing the municipality’s need for action
  • Formulating possible operator models and selection

Picture Credits: © die werke versorgung wallisellen ag

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