EIR for Public Building Owners / KBOB drafts contract supplement for BIM services

Building information modeling (BIM) continues to play an ever more important role in the planning and construction sector. In response to this market development, the Coordinating Conference of Public Owner's Building and Construction Departments (KBOB) has moved to establish a legally secure basis for ordering BIM services.

The KBOB has made various contract templates available to public building owners to help minimize any legal risks they may face with respect to tendering and the awarding of planning and construction contracts, while at the same making it easier to participate in the tendering process. The contract templates are recognized as sound instruments by industry associations and public-sector developers alike.

Legally secure foundation for BIM

The KBOB has now expanded its offering of contract templates for planning services through the addition of the following contract supplement: “BIM for General Planning Contracts with Employer Information Requirements (EIR).” The supplement offers developers a secure legal basis for placing orders for BIM services.

For its part, EBP helped the KBOB workgroup to draft the contract supplement, which includes descriptions of employer information requirements, as well as basic BIM and OpenBIM approaches. The document names standard use cases and relies on standards such as ISO 19650.

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