Climate Master Plan for the Municipality of Thalwil

The Swiss municipality of Thalwil is developing a climate masterplanin order to implement measures in the areas of climate protection and adaptation in a coordinated and successful manner. We supported the municipalityin the further development of the already existing catalogue of measures into the strategy paper Masterplan Klima. With this, the municipality of Thalwil continues to promote sustainable development and supports the goals set by the federal government and the canton in the area of climate protection and adaptation.

Our services

  • Drawing up a greenhouse gas balance
  • Developing a risk-opportunity analysis for climate adaptation
  • Preparing, concretising and supplementing the catalogue of measuresConducting a workshop with members of the workgroup  AG Klima
  • Evaluate the impact of measures: qualitatively and, if possible, quantitativelyDeveloping measures specification sheets
  • Drafting of the strategy paper Masterplan Klima

Contact persons