Business Continuity Management as a Service (BCMaaS)

We provide business continuity management as a service (BCMaaS) for public organizations as well as private companies. BCM activities are supported in a targeted, modular and ongoing way. This enables organizations to be optimally prepared for events with high damage potential, thus ensures the continuation of their critical business processes, limits damage, loss and recovery time. We support BCM responsibles from developing and implementing their BCM strategies to monitoring the measures, challenging their continuing effectiveness.

Our services in the BCM cycle

  • Preparing business impact analyses (BIA), with recommendations for closing risk gaps
  • Developing a BCM strategy, responsibilities and accountabilities; specifying the necessary resources and conditions for effective implementation
  • Implementing the BCM strategy based on internally or externally operated BCM programs; defining the necessary processes; providing the documentation and tools needed
  • Assessing and determining measures for continuity as well as a regular professional exchange

We provide organizations with tailored BCM support with diverse consulting services, from initial BCM creation to continuous operation and BCM continuity within the organization:

  • Support internally managed BCM processes with individual coaching
  • Managing the outsourced BCM process
  • Providing support at the executive and process levels, with situational assumption of tasks

These lead to four customizable service scenarios to cover different needs:

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