Assessing the Security of DDPS Real Estate

The Swiss Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) is Switzerland’s largest property owner. Given the organization’s core mission, its real estate must be able to fulfill versatile tasks in all threat situations. We developed an integrated method to assess the security aspects of the DDPS’s real estate portfolio. Over a period of around 40 years, we have continuously adapted the methodology to account for current security policy developments and changes in the portfolio.

Our services

  • Developing a security assessment methodology based on quantitative risk analyses and cost-efficient action planning
  • Creating a functionally structured overview of DDPS properties
  • Developing a quantitative method to assess the functionality of DDPS properties
  • Designing a threat and hazard convention across all security policy situation
  • Developing tools to facilitate implementation (risk calculations, cost estimation, etc.)
  • Defining specifications for the integral security of DDPS properties
  • Provision of implementation support and monitoring status

Image: Security assessment of a military training area
Picture Credits: © VBS-DDPS, armasuisse

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