Automated Reporting for Lucerne’s Aquatic Ecosystem

The canton of Lucerne compiles the results of its water monitoring in thematic reports. We expanded and automated the reporting on Lucerne's aquatic ecosystems and the soil moisture monitoring network. We used the GNU R and Quarto tools for this, taking care to ensure that the solution was expandable, reproducible, future-proof and user-friendly. The visualizations were also prepared to ensure accessibility for visually impaired people.

Our services

  • Developing Quarto templates with suitable layouts for creating PDF reports
  • Supporting the canton in validating and correcting the data from the aquatic ecosystem database
  • Developing improved, easily accessible presentation styles for graphs and tables, based on existing reports
  • Developing batch processing for the automated generation of reports for the desired monitoring stations
  • Handing over the carefully documented code for further use

Contact persons