Assessing the effectiveness of runoff reduction measures

Various runoff-control measures have been introduced in recent years to prevent reduce pesticide losses from gaining entry into ground and to surface waters. We investigated this question in a joint project led by the Fraunhofer Institute and evaluated the measures qualitatively on the basis of literature data and expert surveys. For the thusly identified priority measures, our partners carried out quantitative evaluations of effectiveness with the aim of better supportingobtaining better the data basis for the authorization of PPP approval.

Our services

  • Research on the efficiency, effectiveness and dissemination of risk-reducing measures.
  • Completion of a survey to solicit the opinion of experts on the effectiveness of the measures
  • Compilation of quantitative data on the effectiveness of conservation tillage
  • Drafting of a report and an article for publication

Image: Mulch-till can be an effective risk-reducing measure if there is sufficient soil cover
Picture Credits: Wikipedia, Volker Prasuhn, CC BY-SA 3.0 de

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