Monitoring urban sociospatial development

To establish a basis for policy decisions, the city of Kloten first started monitoring sociospatial developments back in 2015. As part of an effort to update the monitoring system, we examined the sociospatial changes that had occurred in the city with respect to the following factors: population; social structure; housing; real-estate market; and employment. We assessed the developments within the various city districts with the help of indicators and used our results as a basis for issuing planning recommendations.

Our services

  • Completion of a granular analysis of (1) spatial data available in various statistical reports issued by the Swiss government (GWS, STATPOP, STATENT), (2) municipality-related data made available by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, and (3) data relating to the real-estate market
  • Description of the sociospatial developments and interrelationships
  • Characterization of the developments within the various city districts in terms of structural and sociodemographic properties, with the help of district profiles
  • Drafting of recommendations for the city planning office

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