Participation Process for the Municipality of Rüti

Within the scope of its efforts to ensure the future viability of its municipal utilities and its Breitenhof Senior Citizens Center, the Swiss municipality of Rüti plans to change their legal status. As a result, the two municipal companies will be converted into a non-profit public limited company. With the aim of involving local residents in the process and to hear what they have to say, we developed a participation concept and designed the process. This ranged from the conception, organization and moderation of a community workshop to the conception, guidance and evaluation of the online participation.

Our services

  • Developing the participation concept and designing the participation process, both digitally and physically
  • Creating the concept and conducting workshops with the municipal council to prepare the participation process
  • Designing, preparing and moderating the community workshop using creative techniques
  • Providing advice on the content of the introductory presentation at the community workshop
  • Creating the concept and evaluating the online survey
  • Compiling the results from the physical and digital participation process

Contact persons