Assessment of bus propulsion systems

The Canton of Bern Office of Public Transportation is planning to expand service along its Bus Line 10 (Bern to Köniz) in the medium term while also ensuring that its bus-propulsion systems will remain viable in the long term. We completed a study to calculate and assess the advantages and disadvantages of several propulsion systems. In doing so, we considered the entire Bernmobil bus fleet, charging infrastructure requirements, and operation schedules to determine the best option. In the long term, the canton is planning to switch its Line 10 service to a light-rail system.

Our services

  • Comparison of alternative propulsion systems with regard to drive/traction and sensitivity analyses
  • Drafting of a funding concept for alternative propulsion technologies
  • Estimate of planning and approval procedures (duration, deadlines)

Image: Bus Line 10 operated by Bernmobil
Picture Credits: BERNMOBIL

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