New railway stop in Waldegg

Working on behalf of the Bern Public Transportation Department, EBP has worked out four different proposals for the installation of a new railway stop in the Swiss town of Köniz. The scope of EBP’s assignment included a careful assessment of the corresponding advantages and disadvantages so as to provide municipal and county authorities with a sound basis for making decisions in the context of further planning.

Lage Haltestelle Waldegg
Picture: EBP

The urban-suburban railway (S-Bahn) between Bern and Köniz is to be upgraded as a part of a larger effort to improve the canton’s public transportation services in the corridor referred to as Bern South. The list of measures includes the introduction of shorter, 15-minute, service intervals between Bern and Köniz and the installation of a new S-Bahn stop in Liebefeld-Waldegg. In the context of initial planning for the new railway stop, EBP has worked out four distinct proposals and evaluated these in terms of anticipated passenger demand, general transportation-system benefits, operational impact (including boom-barrier closing times), stakeholder impact, infrastructure-investment costs and forward compatibility.

Plan Haltestelle Waldegg
Picture: EBP

The first three proposals would entail the realization of a new S-Bahn stop in Waldegg near the converted VIDMARhallen industrial site and the railway crossing at Könizstrasse. The fourth proposal would entail a northward relocation of the existing railway stop at Liebefeld to the railway crossing at Waldeggstrasse.

The analysis of potential passenger demand indicates that the new railway stop would be used by around 1,500 passengers a day. Moreover, the assessment of overall benefits indicates that the project’s realization would have a positive effect on the local economy.

Picture Credits: / BLS MUTZ RAB, Reto Mäder

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