School Capacity and Expansion Planning in Meilen’s Feldmeilen District

The Meilen School Authority is planning to expand its school facility in Feldmeilen. EBP has been commissioned to manage the development process and the project’s execution.

The school in Feldmeilen is one of three schools in the municipality of Meilen. The school facility encompasses two primary school buildings, a kindergarten building, two gymnasiums, an auxiliary building, two temporary classroom buildings, and an apartment. The school no longer has enough space to meet its needs. This problem has been compounded by an expanded range of functions and services offered by the school, including a school lunch programme, various forms of therapy, remedial instruction, and new teaching concepts. Having completed a feasibility study and organised the architectural design competition, EBP has now been commissioned by the developer to provide consulting services throughout the project planning and execution phase.

  • Identification of the relevant user specifications and drafting of the space allocation plan in consultation with the school board and teaching staff
  • Completion of the feasibility study, including an estimate of the building costs
  • Preparation for and organisation of the architectural design competition
  • Determination of the most suitable competition procedure and selection of the jury members
  • Drafting of the project’s mission statement and competition programme
  • Management and execution of the developer consulting procedure and representation tasks for the planning phase (project planning and execution)
  • Evaluation of the project’s formal, functional and qualitative aspects
  • Detailed refinement of the project goals with respect to cost, scheduling and quality

Picture Credits: neon bureau AG / Nicole Deiss Architekten GmbH

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