Support for a micromobility pilot project

The City of Zurich has launched a pilot project in the area of micromobility management. The goal is to promote the successful integration of shared micromobility with e-scooters, bicycles and e-bikes into the overall urban transport system. We are helping the city to establish a shared micromobility database that can be used for city planning, to gain experience in the regulation of micromobility, as well as to derive recommendations for the effective management of this crucial form of mobility.

Our services

  • Examination of five approaches to optimizing the micromobility services available in the City of Zurich
  • Analysis of the data and evaluation of the Vianova mobility data platform
  • Facilitation of workshops for city representatives and micromobility services providers
  • Exchanging information and experiences with representatives of other cities to learn more about the implementation and regulation of micromobility services
  • Assessment of the potential impact of micromobility services on Zurich’s transportation system and ways to integrate them into the city’s transportation strategy
  • Derivation of recommendations for further action

Image: In many cities, micromobility occupies a place in the overall transportation system.
Picture Credits:, okai vehicles

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