Roadmap for decarbonization of a municipal vehicle fleet

We created a roadmap for the municipality of Köniz that shows how it can decarbonize its municipal vehicle fleet by 2040. The scope of our assignment included analyzing technical feasibility, costs, emissions, market availability and other factors for various vehicle types. Our roadmap shows the town which propulsion technology from which year and for which vehicle is recommended to meet the net zero goal.

Our services

  • Comparison of various propulsion technologies for various vehicle types, including evaluation of the future development of the technologies, costs, emissions and market trends
  • Assessment of the technical feasibility
  • Selection of the appropriate propulsion technology and establishing a timeframe for each vehicle type
  • Calculation of energy consumption and the dimensions of the necessary charging infrastructure
  • Estimation of the costs and drafting of an implementation plan

Image: Decarbonization of municipal vehicles
Picture Credits:, Painter06

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