Creation of the access concept for the Irchel Campus

As part of the Irchel Campus cantonal development plan, we prepared an access concept. We coordinated the requirements and needs for delivery vehicles, fire department access, public transportation, private motor vehicles, as well as pedestrian and bicycle traffic with the open space concept. Overarching requirements and minimal capacity reserves for other modes of transport made it necessary to give greater weight to bicycle traffic in the future.

Our services

  • Analysis of the current situation taking into account overarching requirements, in particular strategic planning at various levels (municipal, regional and cantonal)
  • Determination of the traffic volume parameters and coordination of these with the mobility concept
  • Development of the vehicle access concept for the fire department, public transportation, private motor vehicles, delivery vehicles, bicycles, pedestrian and construction traffic.
  • Development of an implementation agenda for those elements of the access concept that are not already being implemented through civil engineering or other projects

Picture Credits: © Universität Zürich; Manfred Richter

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