Study: Understanding Swiss Charging Infrastructure in 2050

How will Switzerland charge in the future? For the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), we examined the mix of charging options Switzerland will need by 2050. To this end, we developed a common understanding with the most important stakeholders. We then modeled the future charging infrastructure and created three different scenarios, or “charging worlds.” This enabled us to derive soundly supported conclusions. The main takeaway of the study is clear: the time to act is now.

Our services

  • Developing the federal government's new official electromobility forecasts
  • Designing the comprehensive dialogue process for more than 80 experts and 18 national associations
  • Promoting a broad-based, common understanding among the relevant stakeholders on the future development of the charging infrastructure
  • Developing strategic directions, planning principles and recommendations for action for the relevant stakeholders
  • Contributing to speeding up the implementation of charging infrastructure in Switzerland

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