Impact Analysis of Regulations Phasing Out Fossil Fuel Heating

In recent years, many Swiss cantons have introduced new regulations governing the phasing out of fossil fuel heating systems. We examined the impact of these new cantonal regulations in five cantons. Our findings reveal that under the new legislation around 90% of the fossil systems in residential buildings were replaced with renewable systems. We also analyzed the remaining 10% in detail as a basis for the further development of the cantonal regulations in the building sector.

Our services

  • Checking data availability in seven cantons
  • Obtaining data on heating system replacement in five cantons
  • Analyzing the impact of the regulations and of the remaining fossil fuel substitution
  • Conducting interviews with energy consultants and energy engineers in one of the cantons
  • Interpretation and representation of our findings
  • Formulating recommendations for the further development of the Cantonal Model Regulations for the Energy Sector 2025

Picture Credits: © EBP, Sabine Perch-Nielsen

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