New District Heating System for Wetzikon

Under great time pressure, the city of Wetzikon is working on transforming the city's heat supply using the waste incineration plant in the nearby town of Hinwil as a heat source. To expedite the plan, the town commissioned us to work out the various options for completing the transformation and to coordinate all the various sub-projects of the transformation. The sub-projects included drafting an energy plan, completing a district heating feasibility study, detailing regional responsibilities, and a target network planning for gas.

Our services

  • Detailed clarification of the legal framework at the cantonal level
  • Coordinating the proposals for target network planning for gas with the specifications of the energy plan
  • Identification and evaluation of interim solutions in anticipation of the district heating
  • Determining rough-and-ready options for the city's initial link-up with the new district-heating system, especially in light of various road construction projects
  • Elaborating and evaluating options for local coverage of peak loads in the district heating network

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