Improving the sense of security at the Weinfelden railway station

Groups of marginalized persons have tended to lower the sense of security of passengers and pedestrians who use or walk past the railway station in Weinfelden. We analyzed the situation from the perspective of crime prevention and compiled various measures that could enhance one’s subjective sense of security at and in the vicinity of the railway station. Our work centered on a workshop that included city representatives, members of marginalized groups, railway-station users, nearby residents, local business operators, employees of Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), cantonal police, and youth social workers.

Our services

  • Assessment of the situation from the perspective of urban crime prevention, an on-location visit, and an analysis of the relevant documents
  • Organization of interdisciplinary workshops
  • Drafting of an action plan, including implementation responsibilities, scheduling targets, and quick-win measures
  • Documentation of findings and drafting of recommendations for further action

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