Fourth Canton of Zug Agglomeration Program

The canton of Zug has already drafted three generations of its agglomeration program. The fourth generation of the program builds upon the preceding generations in terms of its structure and substance. We were commissioned by the canton to help update, expand, and detail the specifics of the new program. In doing so, we gave special attention to the canton’s newly revised development plan and the Railway Expansion Plan 2035 which was ratified by the Swiss Federal Council in 2019. This new federal plan will entail major improvements in Zug’s public-transportation system.

Our services

  • Drafting of a report on progress made with respect to the implementation of previous agglomeration programs
  • Updating the analysis
  • Revising the Agglomeration Zug 2040 vision document
  • Assessing the need for action based on a comparison of the current state and the target state
  • Supplementing and refining all sub-strategies
  • Drafting of a measures catalogue

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