New agglomeration program for Chur

Given its geographic location, the Swiss city of Chur forms a gateway to the canton of Grisons. It is also the canton’s main economic engine. In the interest of expediting the implementation of previously ratified generations of its agglomeration program, Chur officials opted to skip their third-generation program. To help secure federal funding for needed transportation infrastructure, we recently helped the canton and regions to draft a fourth-generation program, which includes a new concept and contents.

Our services

  • New agglomeration-program concept, current-state and trend analysis, target-state vision, assessment of need for action, and sub-strategies
  • Drafting of planning measures for settlement, landscape, and transportation development; drafting of action plans for all areas
  • Drafting of a progress report concerning the implementation of the previous agglomeration programs
  • Reconciliation and coordination activities involving the relevant municipalities, cantonal agencies, regional officials, and other participants
  • Organization and execution of the participatory process
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