Agglomeration planning for the Lower Reuss Valley

In 2015, officials representing the canton of Uri and the various municipalities of the Lower Reuss Valley decided in favor of submitting an agglomeration plan within the terms of the Swiss federal agglomeration program. The plan outlines the goals and strategies that are to be pursued in the context of the Lower Reuss Valley’s future development, in particular with respect to housing, landscape, and transportation. We helped the canton of Uri to develop a third-generation plan (2015-2016) and continued our support when it came to the development of a fourth-generation plan (2019-2021).

Our services

  • Overseeing the drafting of a third-generation agglomeration plan in close consultation with the canton of Uri; overseeing the development of a fourth-generation plan and its submission to the federal government
  • Definition of the requirements to be met by current-state and trend analyses (to be drafted by Ecoplan AG), as well as further components of the agglomeration plan to secure compliance with federal specifications
  • Drafting and updating of the concept for the agglomeration plan, including future goals, required actions, sub-strategies, and proposed measures
  • Conceptualization of measures in the area of housing
  • Coordination with municipalities, cantonal offices, and other stakeholders
  • Organization and moderation of workgroup meetings and workshops with the advisory team

Participating municipalities

Picture Credits: Canton of Uri, Office of Spatial Development

Picture Credits Main Image: Christof Hirtler, Altdorf

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