Drafting a bicycle and pedestrian-traffic concept for Dübendorf

The city of Dübendorf would like to take the opportunity of updating its general traffic plan to do what it can to promote bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Working on behalf of the city, we developed a bicycle and pedestrian-traffic concept to provide a basis for planning and implementation. The simple key to our approach was to regard pedestrian and bicycle traffic as integral to a sustainable general traffic plan. This enabled us to designate bicycle routes according to need and to reserve attractive and convenient space for pedestrian traffic, all while avoiding any unnecessary confluence of the two modes that could lead to conflicts.

Our services

  • General survey; analysis of current state and target states
  • Drafting of a network concept for bicycle traffic that would not encroach on key spaces reserved for pedestrian traffic
  • Definition of standards for cross-section design that also account for overall significance and traffic volume
  • Ascertainment of the need for action and development of prospective solutions
  • Provision of support to the city of Dübendorf in the context of planning individual measures and ensuring a well-coordinated implementation (e.g. coordination of subcontractors, civil engineering maintenance works, etc.)

Contact persons