Guidance for Sustainable Procurement Practice in Olten

Following the Canton of Solothurn’s entry into the revised Inter-Cantonal Agreement on Public Procurement (IVöB), the City of Olten decided to establish sustainable procurement practices. EBP developed a visual guidance for Olten that provides an overview of all process phases and types, and it highlights the steps that are significant for sustainability. The visualization is supplemented by an explanatory report that describes in more detail the individual phases and supports the implementation with the help of case studies.

Our services

  • Compiled basic information on the topic of “Sustainability and public procurement”
  • Analysed the revised Inter-Cantonal Agreement on Public Procurement (IVöB)
  • Made a record of typical procurement items for the City of Olten
  • Identified where and how sustainability aspects can be integrated into the procurement process
  • Prepared guidance (visual overview and explanatory report)
  • Ran through case studies with relevant actors and made the necessary adjustments

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