New geoportal for the district of Einsiedeln

The District Administration of Einsiedeln commissioned the development of a new geoportal. EBP managed both the tendering process and supports the project’s realization.

The District Administration of Einsiedeln (DAE) has operated its own online geoportal for years. After the portal had ceased to meet the current needs of its users, the DAE considered its replacement. Some of the old portal’s shortcomings included the lack of an online editing option; a cumbersome procedure for publishing new or updated geodata; and the fact that only the portal’s operator was authorized to enter new data. Ultimately a point was reached at which significant amounts of the geodata published on the portal were no longer up-to-date. The DAE then made a decision to commission the creation of a new geoportal.

Making the latest geodata available from a single source

Working together with the DAE, the EBP team ascertained the specifications for the new geoportal. The most important of these were that:

  • Interested individuals must be able to access up-to-date geodata at all times.
  • DAE employees must be able to use the geoportal as a single point of entry for their work.
  • Relevant administrative offices must be able to publish data on their own.

These goals were used as a guideline when it came to determining the system architecture and defining the precise requirements the solution should meet. During the requirement engineering phase of the project, we made sure that we were able to identify a clear rationale for each requirement and that the specifications did not already contain or strongly imply specific solutions. We thereby concentrated on arriving at a precise description of the requirements while leaving solutions up to the provider.

System requirements as a basis for the tendering documents

Using the requirements as a basis, EBP drafted the tendering documents, making sure to provide for both a basic service and service options. The documents included:

  • A specification document detailling all requirements
  • Suitability criteria
  • Contract-awarding criteria
  • Technical specifications
  • Price sheet
  • Evaluation scheme

EBP oversaw the evaluation of the tenders.

Realization and introduction

EBP supported the client throughout the realization and introduction phase with the following services:

  • Project management
  • Introduction of to the service provider regarding requirements
  • Management and administering of acceptance tests
  • Introduction planning

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