Network Status Report for the Swiss South Eastern Railway

Working together with EBP, the Swiss South Eastern Railway (SOB) has drafted its “Network Status Report 2014”. The report provides information about the railway’s current status and future funding requirements for infrastructure maintenance. Moreover, the submission of the report has enabled the SOB to meet the new FOT railway infrastructure reporting requirements that were introduced on 1 January 2015.

The Swiss South Eastern Railway (SOB) operates a railway network that encompasses around 120 kilometres of track and has a replacement value of CHF 1.4 billion. The SOB inventory includes various types of railway facilities: railways, buildings, electrical systems, safety systems, telephone systems, low voltage systems, passenger facilities and rolling stock. These facilities all need to be maintained.

The current status of the various facility types is described in the network status report. A simulation model developed by EBP serves as a basis for forecasting the future funding requirements for the maintenance and development of all facility types. The simulation model enables a predictive  estimation of the consequences the various maintenance strategies will have with respect to funding requirements and system development.

The network status report provides the SOB management and supervisory board, the railway owners, and the relevant cantonal and federal representatives with a helpful tool for decision making processes on management level.

However, the network status report also serves as an important basis for the periodic performance agreements that are negotiated with the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (FOT). The report therefore also helps to ensure the well-targeted and responsible use of the public funds made available to the railway operators.

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