Calculating the Cost of Car Ownership

We conducted a study to compare the total cost of owning passenger vehicles with different propulsion types. Specifically, we compared the total ownership cost for vehicles with electric, combustion and plug-in hybrid powertrains in four different vehicle classes, including compact, medium, large, and SUV. Prospective buyers can now use the results of our study to make more informed purchasing decisions. The scope of the study also includes a discussion of common claims relating to the cost of passenger vehicle ownership.

Our services

  • Defining assumptions for the study and selection of comparable vehicles
  • Validation of input data from various data sources
  • Calculation of the total cost of ownership for comparable passenger vehicles
  • Completion of sensitivity analyses to check data robustness
  • Drafting of a factsheet to make our study results available to interested individuals with some technical expertise
  • Drafting of a summary of our study results for laypersons
  • Creation of an infographic to provide a visual summary of our study results

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