“Safety in Public Spaces” study

What are the critical success factors for ensuring safety in public spaces? What developments will have an impact on safety in public spaces in the future? And what options are available to city officials? EBP carried out a study in the Canton of Basel-Stadt to answer these and many other questions.

People tend to regard cities as attractive places to live only if the cities leave them feeling safe when they are moving about in public spaces. The Canton of Basel-Stadt is aware of this. Indeed, the city of Basel has long been a forerunner when it comes to adopting innovative safety measures. This is why Basel was selected as a place to examine the success factors that are critical to ensuring safety in public spaces and what measures might make public spaces even safer.

Developments that may have an impact on safety in the future

The purpose of the “Safety in Public Spaces” study was to analyze the current safety situation in Basel and to identify trends and developments that can be expected to have an impact on safety in public spaces in the future. The study results take account of the latest statistical data and interviews conducted with numerous experts in Basel and other Swiss cities.

Concrete signs of safe public spaces

The study results apply to Basel and to other cities in Switzerland. The study report specifies options for ensuring safe public spaces and includes a summary of 75 case studies drawn from cities in Switzerland and abroad.

EBP presented its study results to members of the Association of Swiss Cities at a meeting in Basel on September 21, 2018. The study report is available for downloading in German and French.

Picture Credits: © Andreas Zimmermann

Impressions from the presentation of the study to members of the Swiss Association of Cities and Towns

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