A situation analysis of public spaces in the City of Sursee

The City of Sursee has grown significantly in terms of its population and regional appeal in recent years. EBP has analysed the effects this population growth and increased appeal have had on the city’s public spaces.

The City of Sursee has seen significant growth in recent years. This growth is reflected both in the rise in the city’s population and its increased general appeal in the Canton of Lucerne as a place to work, attend school and take advantage of various shopping, cultural and culinary opportunities. The city’s appeal and its emergence as the second largest centre of economic activity in the Canton of Lucerne have also introduced an array of challenges. For instance, the problem of littering has increased, and sporadic incidents involving vandalism and disturbance of the peace are reported.

Working together with the Work Group for Security, Order and Prevention, EBP has analysed the public spaces in the city to assess their quality and current utilisation, as well as their problems. This analysis presents an overview of the current situation in Sursee.

In addition to this, EBP has also carried out a careful examination of a popular plaza in the old town and a much frequented greenway to evaluate their character, function, visitors, utilisation, problems, opportunities and challenges.

The current-situation analysis provides a basis for drafting a public-spaces utilisation concept for the City of Sursee. The analysis thereby makes a valuable contribution to the further enhancement of the city’s appeal while at the same offering a farsighted and sustainable approach to current and future public-space challenges.

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