The new building from a user’s perspective

5 questions for Ludger Paus, Partner and Managing Director of EBP Deutschland

Ludger Paus
Ludger Paus: "My colleagues who were involved in the project, as well as the external teams, did a really great job." Copyright: Beate Wätzel


Are you looking forward to your upcoming move to Berlin?

Ludger Paus: Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. To be sure, it’s been a long process of searching and decision making, but it has all come to a very good end, and we’re now on the verge of reaping the rewards. That’s something that gives you a good feeling.

The new building was conceived to meet the needs of its users. A premium was placed on comfort. To what extent does it make a difference to your experience?

LP: A number of things are striking: the beauty of the lines, the brightness in all of the rooms, the clarity of the whole building – to name just a few. In fact, simply walking through the building is an uplifting experience. The whole building is beautiful in terms of its form. And it’s also impressive in terms of its technical sophistication. Yes, there’s a level of comfort that everyone who works here will certainly be able to appreciate.

What else do you like about the building, or its location?

LP: The location couldn’t be better. It’s in the immediate vicinity of the old and the new center of Berlin, with all kinds of cultural highlights. The surroundings have been completely redeveloped and are optimally tailored to our needs. Added to this is the building’s spectacular location on the water, which conveys a sense of tranquility and relaxation in the midst of so much urbanity. It was also certainly a good idea to render parts of the roof as usable space, a kind of retreat, if you will, for the employees. And the view from the roof, as well as from many of the rooms in the building, is excellent. The impressive silhouette of Berlin Mitte is right there before your eyes. And not least, there’s the building’s overall appearance, with its contemporary and, in my opinion, elegant façade. It fits in very well with the other sophisticated architecture along the Ship Canal.

How did you experience the planning and construction phase?

LP: My colleagues who were involved in the project, as well as the external teams, did a really great job. We were regularly included in the planning and we were given an opportunity to voice our concerns at scheduled user meetings and other informal meetings. That was very positive, and also brought us closer together at a personal level.

What does the move mean for those of you who have been based in Potsdam?

LP: We’ve all had a chance to think about it for a long time. The location in Berlin, the beautiful building with its ultramodern infrastructure . . . all of these aspects are very appealing. On the other hand, many of my colleagues and I naturally have family and other ties in Potsdam, not to mention our familiar routes to work, so we’re in the process of reorganizing these aspects of our lives right now. But as onerous as this may seem at times, the prospect of working in the new building is inspiring, and the associated advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for all of us.

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