Current-state analysis of meteorological monitoring system

Working on behalf of the Winterthur affiliate of the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), EBP carried out a current-state analysis of the agency's meteorological monitoring and warning system and documented the results in an inspection report.

Periodic assessments of existing roadway operation and safety equipment represent an important basis for ensuring the effective maintenance of federal roadways. Such assessments include an examination and evaluation of the existing meteorological monitoring and warning systems. These systems include the sensors to monitor road-surface states (including temperature, moisture, ice and other parameters), especially on bridges and other locations exposed to the weather, that play a key role in winter-service planning and the deployment of service vehicles such as plows and salt trucks.

EBP carried out a current-state analysis of the systems deployed in the cantons monitored by the FEDRO affiliate in Winterthur (ZH, SH, TG, SG, SZ and GL). To summarize our findings, we drafted an inspection report containing the following:

  • Current-state assessment of approximately 80 systems based on the specified criteria
  • Extensive documentation of all findings
  • Recommendations pertaining to system maintenance and renewal needs

The fact that the current-state analysis needed to be carried out on the various federal roads without interrupting traffic represented a special challenge. We therefore needed to devise and implement corresponding safety measures.

Our services

Planning, organization, execution and evaluation of the current-state analysis; drafting of an inspection report complete with recommendations for system renewal.

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