Reporting Results of the Climate Finance Readiness Program

Once a year, the Climate Finance Readiness Program, which is implemented by German Development Cooperation (GIZ), carries out program monitoring. EBP applied its climate expertise to help GIZ evaluate and report program results.

Improving Access to Climate Finance

The GIZ is implementing on behalf of the German federal government the multi-year Climate Finance Readiness Program. The program is designed to help select countries improve their capacities and institutional frameworks for accessing international climate finance, particularly from the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Results Monitoring with a Climate Lens

EBP applied its climate lens to support the GIZ with the evaluation and reporting of results of the Climate Finance Readiness Program. GIZ will use the report to keep its clients informed about program progress, to measure its successes, to identify next steps or areas for improvement, and to document acquired knowledge from the program. This type of reporting and documentation is vital for programs such as this one, which stretch over many years and have multiple objectives and partner countries.

EBP’s tasks

The principal tasks of the assignment included:

  • Reviewing the monitoring data from the program’s partner countries and summarizing the results;
  • Generating an overview of challenges and barriers to program implementation;
  • Presenting next steps for the program in each of the partner countries.

 Other tasks included compiling results for each of the project’s indicators to report in both quantitative and qualitative terms the program’s progress towards its targets; providing summaries of the global knowledge products that the project generated in 2017; and updating information about the project’s contribution to a variety of development results, such as gender considerations, environmental protection, good governance and poverty reduction.