Integrate waste management in Chiclayo

EBP helps the city of Chiclayo in Northern Peru to develop, implement and communicate the ad-vantages of an integral waste management program.

Waste management represents a major challenge for many cities and municipalities in Peru. Garbage dumps on the outskirts of cities and largely ineffective waste management programs are widespread. The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) therefore helped the city of Chiclayo in Northern Peru to improve its waste management system. This work included the construction of a disposal site and a transfer station, the initiation of organizational changes in waste collection and disposal practices, the introduction of management improvements and the spearheading of a broad-based campaign to raise public awareness of the issues involved.

EBP provided support for the ChiclaYoLimpio project from 2013 to 2017 in the areas of enterprise develop-ment and communication.

The scope of our services in the area of enterprise development included:

  • Analyzing the current situation
  • Devising a development strategy, a vision and corresponding goals and measures, especially in or-ganizational and financial areas
  • Providing comprehensive support throughout the realization phase

The scope of our consulting services and support in the area of communication included:

  • Drafting of a communication strategy
  • Providing support to local contractors and partners to facilitate the implementation of various communication and awareness-raising activities
  • Evaluating the campaign activities

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