Adapting to climate change in the Canton of Schaffhausen

The Canton of Schaffhausen is planning to update the report on climate change adaptation issued in 2011. EBP was commissioned by the canton to support the update of the report by the organization of a half-day workshop.

In 2011, the Canton of Schaffhausen drafted a report on adapting to the impacts on climate change. In the meantime, new basics have been elaborated and the Federal Office of Environment of Switzerland finalized various studies that illustrate the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change throughout Switzerland and within the country’s various regions.

The Schaffhausen branch of the Intercantonal Environmental Agency therefore decided to revise the report together with other relevant agencies of the canton.

EBP supported the process through the organization of a half-day workshop whose aim was to identify the risks and opportunities associated with climate change for the canton and to prioritize various fields of action.

The results served as a basis for a second workshop aimed at identifying measures to be pursued within the fields of action.

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