Carbon footprint calculator and explanatory video on gas heating

The Association of Swiss Gas Producers (VSG) has set itself the ambitious goal of increasing the supply of renewable natural gas to the heating market from its current level of 3 percent to 30 percent by 2030. In order to inform and raise awareness among business leaders, lawmakers, and consumers around the subject of gas heating, we implemented various measures based on a recent report assessing the ecological impact of heating systems. Our work includes an explanatory video and a web-based carbon calculator that allows users to compare various types of heating

Our services

  • Creation of an explanatory video on the subject of sustainable heating
  • Compilation of the relevant calculation factors for online carbon-footprint calculators
  • Development of a convenient carbon calculator app (UX/UI design)
  • Clear and easily accessible texts (UX writing)
  • Conducting user tests
Explanatory video on heating with gas

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