Fluhweg-Neudorfstrasse Development Project in Wädenswil

The Wädenswil Building Cooperative is going forward with a new development project including a 50-apartment residential building with an eye-catching angular form.

The planned development, which is to encompass around 50 apartments, is based on the winning architectural design proposal known as the "Four Sisters" that was submitted by the firm Esch Sintzel Architects. The scope of the project includes the removal of seven existing buildings and the new construction of a four-unit (hence the name "Four Sisters"), multiple-storey residential building.

The building’s basic form consists of a row of four partially overlapping triangles. The building itself includes five above-ground storeys, with the first storey being partially inset in the slope at the project site. Positioned partially within and partially outside of the outline formed by the base of the building, the underground car park does not correspond directly to the superstructure. The load of the building’s upper levels is structurally supported by a massive reinforced concrete ceiling.

The project's special challenges include the building’s extraordinary geometry and the compelling structural execution of two passageways at ground-floor level with exposed concrete walls and ceilings.

Picture Credits: Esch Sintzel Architekten