Water Resources Management Kosovo

EBP received a mandate to support the competent Ministry in establishing an up-to-date management and to explore groundwater resources for the cities of Ferizaj and Gjilan.

Many regions of Kosovo suffer from water scarcity and poor drinking water quality respectively. The relatively high population density and the traditionally irrigated agriculture have to cope with warm and dry summers and lacking waste water treatment.

This naturally difficult situation in Kosovo regarding water resources management has been aggravated due to the political instability during the past few years, leading to a poor state regarding planning and economical use of resources.

In its cooperation with Eastern Europe, seco started a project to support the water resources management in Kosovo, addressing the present shortcomings. The project comprises both technical assistance and investments.

The investments of approximately CHF 9 million shall serve to provide new drinking water resources to the cities of Ferizaj and Gjilan in South Eastern Kosovo and also to rehabilitate and extend the according distribution infrastructure.

The technical assistance is limited to one and a half years and is mainly directed to the Water Department in the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning as well as to the municipalities and drinking water companies of Ferizaj and Gjilan.

Our services comprise:

  • definition, preparation and surveillance of a geophysical campaign on the groundwater resources of the municipalities of Ferizaj and Gjilan
  • definition, preparation, surveillance and evaluation of 23 exploratory borehole drillings in the municipalities of Ferizaj and Gjilan
  • proposal of possible production wells for groundwater use
  • support in defining groundwater well protection zones
  • support in appraising residual water issues
  • support in developing a pilot river basin management for River Lepenc in accordance with integral planning and the EU Water Framework Directive
  • development of a data base for managing water abstraction permits and water quality data
  • development of a GIS-based water information system in accordance with the EU Water Framework Directive
  • support in establishing and operating a water quality and discharge monitoring network
  • advice and comment on diverse subsidiary acts in connection with the new Kosovo water law
  • development of a flood management for a section of the river Morava

We deliver our services in a mixed team of Swiss and Kosovar consultants. We continuously coordinate our works with the needs of our local counterparts.

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