Creating explainer videos relating to renewable natural gases for VSG

The Swiss Gas Industry Association (VSG) is determined to reach a tenfold increase of the use of renewable natural gases in the home-heating sector by 2030. In two animated explainer videos, we explain how the goal can be reached.

Explainer video about the VSG's «30/2030 Strategy»

Renewable natural gases currently play a minor role in the home-heating sector. The VSG is determined to increase their share of Switzerland's home-heating energy supply from the current 3% to 30% by the year 2030. So what's the plan? What exactly are renewable natural gases? And how can they help to protect our climate? We answer all of these questions in two animated explainer videos.

Two videos to account for two different target groups

The two explainer videos were conceived to take account of the needs and interests of two different target groups. The first video was created to address the organizations that will be affected by the VSG's «30/2030 Strategy». This video explains where the potential of renewable natural gases can be exploited and what the numerous advantages are. Essentially a call to action, this video illustrates what the target group can do to ensure the success of the VSG's strategy.

With the general public as its main target group, the second video explains what renewable natural gases are – whether generated by biomass or power-to-gas methods – why they are climate-friendly and how they differ from natural gas.

Explainer video with facts & figures about renewable natural gases

High-quality design

In visual and substantive terms, we developed the videos in a way that ensures that the target groups will be able to quickly comprehend their complex subject matter. The motion design guides the viewers and makes all the connections clear. This design is individual and oriented toward the subject matter. It also anticipates the VSG's upcoming rebranding efforts.

We made the 2.5-minute videos in German, French and Italian. The video for the general public is arranged to ensure that each of its three main topics (i.e. the difference between natural gas, biomass-based renewable natural gases, and Power-to-Gas methods) can be featured separately. The video thereby takes account of short attention spans – especially in connection with social media applications – while also making provision for the separate use of its segments (e.g. for presentations).

The graphic elements of the two explainer videos


Selected elements as GIF we created for a presentation

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