Façade engineering for school building in Adliswil

In the Dietlimoos-Moos district of the Swiss town of Adliswil, a new elementary school complex was built according to a design submitted by the Kuhlbrodt Peters architectural firm. EBP was commissioned to provide consulting services to the architectural firm, especially with regard to the design and construction of the concrete façade.

The structural envelope designed for the three building units distinguishes itself in terms of its uniform, circumferential façade comprised of prefab reinforced concrete pilasters and cornices. The wood-metal window frames in the spaces defined by the main horizontal and vertical elements are story-high at the ground level and augmented at the upper levels with metal-cladded, ventilated balustrade panels.

The self-supporting, prominent, reinforced-concrete grid forms a unified structure anchored at specific locations to the interior load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete. The cornice elements were designed to accommodate the integration of sun-shading systems. Working together with the architects and the construction engineer, we detailed the placement of the concrete elements and the joints or interfaces to the solid building envelope. We also drafted a façade-specific usage agreement, a document that has taken on ever greater significance in the context of façade planning.

Picture Credits: Dominique Marc Wehrli

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