Façade Planning for ZWHATT Construction Site G – Tower Block and Transverse Building

In 2018, the Zurich-based Studio Märkli architectural firm won the contract to develop the ZWHATT development site in Regensdorf, comprising several construction sites and various buildings. We planned the façades of the tower block and the "Querbau" transverse residential building at construction site G. The tower block features angled photovoltaic modules and trapezoidal window sill constructions. The EBP project team developed the manufacturing process for these and other essential components exclusively for this high-rise building.

Our services

  • Planning of the tower block façade from the preliminary project phase to the invitation to tender
  • Oversight of tower block façade specialist construction
  • Coordination planning for the “Querbau” transverse building
  • Quality assurance for the “Querbau”

Image: Visualization of ZWHATT construction site G in Regensdorf
Picture Credits: Pensimo Management AG

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