Intermodal terminal in St.Gallen

The Canton of St.Gallen commissioned EBP to complete a study to assess the feasibility of building a transshipment terminal for intermodal transportation at a location near the Rhine River above Lake Constance. The aim of the study was to assess the necessary dimensions for a terminal, specify possible terminal sites and identify any foreseeable conflicts of interest with third parties.

The general location along the Rhine River in the Canton of St. Gallen includes a number of branch lines that account for considerable volumes of freight transportation. Unfortunately, the main branch line passes through residential areas and the region’s freight station is faced by clear capacity limitations.

A new intermodal transshipment terminal could provide a solution to both problems. Moreover, a large production company in the region is currently weighing the advantages of switching its mode of shipment from wagonload traffic to combined traffic. This would be enough to secure a sufficient minimum degree of utilization for a new terminal and could help shift the balance in favor of a intermodal terminal that would essentially serve the entire region.

Using various forecasts of demand, EBP arrived at a rough estimate of the necessary dimensions for the facility. We also identified a prospective site, drafted a  cross-section view of the terminal itself, and evaluated the work that would need to be done to appropriately convert an existing freight station. With the site considerations squared away, we then went on to outline a proposal for linking the site of the facility to the closest highway access road.

In addition to this, EBP drafted a conflict-of-interest map showing potential conflicts with third parties. The map takes account of statutory provisions, railway operation, railway infrastructure, road infrastructure, environmental concerns and factors that could arise during further planning stages. And finally, EBP submitted a concrete proposal relating to the project’s implementation.

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