Revision of the “MUNICH PROSPECTS” City Development Plan

The city of Munich is updating and expanding its city development plan. EBP helped the city to organize the revision process, drafted a set of strategic guidelines and planned and managed the public participation initiatives.

The “MUNICH PROSPECTS” (MP) city development plan offers the city of Munich a comprehensive framework for strategic city development. The MP plan has been continuously developed since 1998, and underwent a major revision in 2011, including the addition of thematic overarching objectives and four strategic guidelines. These overarching objectives and strategic guidelines were considered in the context of a broad public-participation process in the spring of 2012 and then ratified by the City Council in June 2013.

EBP provided substantive support for the revision and both planned and managed the public consultation process relating to the development plan. In approaching its assignment, EBP identified and analyzed the main challenges to Munich’s future development so as to provide a basis for the revision. In consultation with a project team comprised of various experts, overarching objectives and strategic guidelines were drafted and represented in graphic form.

In the context of the ensuing public-relations phase, concerned citizens and public-interest groups in Munich were given an opportunity to participate via various channels in the discourse on the MP plan. Such opportunities included an online platform, events in the city’s various districts, public surveys and various workshops. EBP documented and evaluated the suggestions and proposals submitted by interested individuals and public-interest groups. Using its findings as a basis, EBP then formulated conclusions and recommendations for the revision of the MP plan.

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons, Carschten, CC-BY-SA-2.0-DE

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