Swiss emissions trading system: emissions rights for industrial companies

The revised CO2-law of Switzerland includes an Emissions Trading System (CH-ETS). Under the terms of the law, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) allocates emission permits to energy-intensive companies. Working on behalf of the FOEN, EBP calculates the allocations.

The emission permits for large, energy-intensive companies are calculated on the basis of benchmarks. According to the provisions, the FOEN will allocate permits free of charge to companies in an amount corresponding to an independent standard of carbon-efficient operation.

In the framework of calculating emission permits on behalf of the FOEN, EBP defines the system parameters, benchmarks and calculates current emission volumes against established annual emission allocations. This comparison takes place on the basis of information provided by each of the companies and established monitoring procedures that track of company emissions and generate data indicating whether a given company needs to purchase additional emission permits or whether it is entitled to sell surplus permits to other companies.

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