Das Gebäudeprogramm (The Building Programme)

Das Gebäudeprogramm is a national programme that supports the energy efficient renovations and the use of renewable energies in Switzerland. EBP provides a central service hub to ensure the smooth, professional running of the Programme.

The Federal Government and the cantons have been operating the Gebäudeprogramm since 2010. Over the 10 years of its duration the programme can grant up to CHF 280 to 300 million per annum. EBP runs the national central service hub for the energy efficient renovations, taking care of various aspects:

  • Calculation and analysis of the CO2 and energy impact
  • Providing objective decision-making basis for the future development of the programme
  • Examination of the structures and processes of the programme
  • Ensuring the harmonised execution in all cantons on the basis of a set of implementation guidelines
  • Support for the cantons during implementation


  • Financial planning and management
  • Distribution of grant funding
  • Risk management
  • Accounting

Communications (see also separate example project here)

  • Drafting of a communication concept and the planning and implementation of the measures
  • Development and design of the corporate identity
  • Operation of the media office
  • Maintenance of the web portal and production of the newsletter
  • Creation of printed material
  • Organisation of trade fair attendance


  • Creation of the web portal
  • Creation of the electronic application forms with barcode
  • Development of software for managing applications in the cantons
  • Development of a management information system that includes all application data for the centralized control of the Programme

Contact persons